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Client Testimonials
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My clients are the centre of my work and I feel valued to be alongside them on their journey of change and growth.  Sometimes clients arrive at counselling completely broken and at rock bottom and to be able to listen to their innermost fears and difficulties and to support them to make positive changes is what makes my job so worthwhile.
Throughout my work with clients, I really appreciate their feedback on our sessions together. This helps me to tailor our work to what they are finding the most beneficial. I also ask all clients to provide me on feedback at the end of their sessions - to ensure I am continuing to provide the best support I can to those who chose to work with me.
I have listed below a few client testimonials. These were written by clients at the end of their therapy and they have all agreed that I can publish what they wrote for me on my website for others to see.


"Kim is a fantastic person that helped me beat my addictions and she helped me find the strength and faith in myself to become the person I am today".

S, Aylesbury

"Highly recommend this lovely lady - she helped and guided me from a young age and when I struggled the hardest".

E, Buckingham

"After helping me find myself, Kim not only inspired me but held my hand through all my challenges big and small".

E, High Wycombe

"Kim is very welcoming and easy to talk and open up to. I have felt much better since finding Kim and if I ever feel I need to seek some additional support in the future, I would not hesitate to return to Kim. Thanks again".

R, Aylesbury

“Take my hand - we will get through this together”
- Author Unknown
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