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My first ever Podcast Interview!

So this week has been an interesting one. I took part in my first ever Podcast Interview! It is available online from today and it has already been heard by a number of people at the time of writing this!

Let me take you back a little to how I ended up doing this in the first place...

So earlier this month I took the step of creating a Twitter account for 'Me Time Therapy'. This was a steep learning curve for me as I had absolutely no idea about tweets, hashtags, twitter moments etc... I was an avid Facebook user - so all of this was completely new for me. I set up my profile and then started to work my way around the platform. I came across a few individuals who seemed to post interesting content so I added them! One of the individuals called Dan Udale (@Moonwalkingjaba) sent me a message to thank me for following him. I responded saying that "I was still new to twitter", so he kindly gave me some hints and tips to help me adjust and find my feet.

Dan Udale

Within a few days, I was up and running! Posting lots of tweets, commenting on others tweets and even re-tweeting content. At one point, I even accidentally got a heated debate going about something I had posted.

As the days went by, I started to enjoy twitter and in fact I found that it was as Dan stated "a lot more collaborative than other platforms". It was nice to have loads of people commenting about posts and everyone appeared very friendly and sociable. It was also nice that when I posted something with a hashtag, it meant that people who weren't already following me, could come across my content. This was a big advantage of using Twitter over Facebook. On Facebook, the only way to get content seen by "non-friends" is to pay money to get posts boosted or by making adverts for Facebook - which again costs money.

From following Dan on Twitter, I soon became aware that he had a podcast focused around mental health. This was called the 'know yourself podcast' - and I would highly recommend to anyone interested in the area of mental health. This can be accessed via

Know Yourself podcast logo

Dan publicly states that since the age of 16 he has experienced anxiety and PTSD and as a result is passionate about shining a light on mental resilience, mindset and self awareness through the use of his podcast. Interestingly Dan is now training to be a counsellor himself.

After listening to a few episodes, Dan asked whether I would consider being interviewed for his podcast. Despite some initial worries - I thought I would just go for it! We arranged a time and a date and the podcast interview was recorded.

As I mentioned earlier - this is now available to listen to online so feel free to check it out!

I will however first apologise for my sore throat - as I woke up the morning of the interview feeling poorly. Typical hey?!

Irrespective of that I hope that people find the interview informative and benefit in some way from listening to it. We discuss topics such as mental health, what therapy is, what type of person becomes a therapist, what the training is like to become a therapist, what it is like to have friends and family not understand what you do for a living, how to find a great therapist and much more!

Advert containing link to podcast -

Please feel free to leave me your thoughts/comments/feedback. I would love to know what you think! I haven't brought myself to listening to it in full yet. :)


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