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My first ever Podcast Interview!

So this week has been an interesting one. I took part in my first ever Podcast Interview! It is available online from today and it has already been heard by a number of people at the time of writing this!

Let me take you back a little to how I ended up doing this in the first place...

So earlier this month I took the step of creating a Twitter account for 'Me Time Therapy'. This was a steep learning curve for me as I had absolutely no idea about tweets, hashtags, twitter moments etc... I was an avid Facebook user - so all of this was completely new for me. I set up my profile and then started to work my way around the platform. I came across a few individuals who seemed to post interesting content so I added them! One of the individuals called Dan Udale (@Moonwalkingjaba) sent me a message to thank me for following him. I responded saying that "I was still new to twitter", so he kindly gave me some hints and tips to help me adjust and find my feet.

Dan Udale